MENU FOR TODAY: Chili, Cornbread

CAFENASIUM TABLE DUTY:    7thTerryl Mickelson, Seth Miller, Drew Pinske

                                                9thKeian Jenson, Mark Korinta, Matilda Luhning


MENU FOR TOMORROW:  Biscuits & Gravy, Hashbrown Patty

CAFENASIUM TABLE DUTY:    7th – Cody Prestegord, William Smith, Somer Sorenson

                                                9th – Cole Miller, Dylan Nysetvold, Riley Ramstorf


BREAKFAST FOR TOMORROW:  Sausage Breakfast Sandwich


Junior Prom Theme Committee to meet Thursday during study 20 (7th period) in Mrs. Halvorson’s room.


Prim-this means “first”


In English: primary, primarily-the most important or the first

In Science: primordial, primitive-of an early stage of evolution

In Math: prime number-a number that can only be factored down to one and itself. For example, 7 cannot be divided by any numbers greater than one.

In Social Studies: The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte is a primary example of a successful military coup. Also, a primary source is a document, a recording, or other source of information that was created at the time under study.

In Art: You should prime your canvas with white paint before adding color.

In Music: Prima Donna-the chief female singer in an opera


Your life: prime time television-the time in which highly-rated shows are on.

Optimus Prime-the last of the first created “prime” Transformers.


The following students will be gone on Thursday, September 20th for river watch – Zoe Keezer, Amber Eken, Zane Mickelson, Ryan Strum, Tanner Douville, and Branden Hagel.


This is the homecoming dress up days.  Homecoming week is next week: 

Monday: Team day dress as your favorite sports team

Tuesday: Tourist Tuesday dress as a tourist 

Wednesday: Pajama Day

Thursday: Gothic day Dress in Gothic clothes 

Friday: Spirit day dress in Titan Clothes 


Homecoming Coronation is on Monday, September 24th at 2:30 – we will dismiss students at 2:20.


The Volleyball team will not be practicing Friday.


NWEA SCHEDULE                                                                       

Wednesday, September 19

8:45                 10:15               1.5 hour           Grade 11Math
10:30               12:00               1.5 hour           Grade 9 Math
12:45               2:15                 1.5 hour           Grade 10 Math



Thursday, September 20

8:30                 10:00               1.5 hour           Grade 8 Science

10:30               12:00               1.5 hour           Grade 10 Science

12:30               3:00                                         Make-Ups       


Schedule for the week of September 17th through the 22th.

Wednesday, September 19th:            Varsity and JH Football Practice in Ulen (shuttle leave TV at 3:15)

Varsity, JV,B/C- team Volleyball Practice in TV(shuttle leave Ulen at2:50)

                                                JH Volleyball practice in Ulen (shuttle leave TV at 3:15)


Thursday, September 20th:   Varsity Football Practice in Ulen (shuttle leave TV at 3:15)

JH Football @ Fertile at 4:30 pm

(7th grade at 4:30 followed by 8th grade)

(Bus leaves Ulen at 3:15 and TV at 3:30)

Varsity, JV, B/C- team Volleyball @ Waubun 5:00 p.m.

(Bus leaves TV at 3:30 and Ulen at 3:45)

                                                JH Volleyball @ Park Christian at 6:00 (Frazee & PC)

                                                (TV players catch the shuttle at 3:15, Bus leaves Ulen at 4:30)


Friday, September 21st:                     (UH Early dismissal at 12:30)

Varsity Football Game @ Laporte at 7:00pm

(TV ride the shuttle at 3:15, bus leaves Ulen at 3:30)

                                                          Volleyball team no practice                                            

NO JH Football and Volleyball                                             


Saturday, September 22nd:   Varsity Volleyball Tournament at Walker at 10:00 a.m.

                                                (Bus leaves TV at 7:15 and Ulen at 7:30)