CAFENASIUM TABLE DUTY: Grade 7: Thomas Gunnufson, Tatum Halvorson, LoKi Larson,

MaKenzie Long

Grade 9: Stephanie Gunnufson, Michaela Halvorson, Soren Hoekstra


MENU FOR MONDAY: Turkey & Cheese Sub, Sunchips

CAFENASIUM TABLE DUTY: Grade 7: Terryl Mickelson, Seth Miller, Drew Pinske

Grade 9: Keian Jenson, Mark Korinta, Matilda Luhning


BREAKFAST FOR MONDAY: Bagel w/Toppings, Hard Boiled Egg

TODAY - Friday, March 22nd end of the 3rd quarter.


The GBB Awards night has been rescheduled for this Sunday March 24th at 7 pm in Ulen. Ice cream social and player meeting.


Wednesday, March 27th trap team meeting during study 20 (7th Period) in the board room.


Pancake Brunch on Sunday, March 24th from 9:00 A.M. 1:00 P.M. at the Flom Community Hall

Pancakes-Eggs-Sausage-Potatoes on the menu. Post Prom Party Fundraiser


Schedule for the week of March 18th through March 22nd

Friday, March 22nd:        End of Quarter 3 at NCE & UH

Baseball Practice @ TV (shuttle leave Ulen at 2:50)

                Softball Practice @ Ulen (shuttle leave TV at 3:15)

Track Practice @ TV (shuttle leave Ulen at 2:50)

Magni-, macro-: large

English: Being magnanimous is to be generous or forgiving. Its all about being the bigger person, morally.  

Science: A magnifier is any tool that helps to make an object appear or become larger.

Math: In math, magnitude is the size of an object. For the order of magnitude, one must find how many tens there are in a number. For example, the distance from the earth to the sun is 150,000,000,000 meters or 1.5 X 1011.

Social Studies: Charlemagne was also known as Charles the Great. He united Western and Central Europe during the Early Middle Ages.

Your life: Many fitness buffs and experts tout the importance of not just counting calories, but macros. Macros are divided into protein, carbohydrate, and fat. People who adhere to certain diets (such as a Keto diet) are very interested in the types of foods they put in their body to get the results that they want. For example, Keto dieters are more concerned with getting fat as their main source, followed by protein, and then a small amount of carbohydrate. Many would argue that this diet is a trend, however.