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Varsity 2017-2018

Back Row: Coach Mark Hemberger, Sunny Resnick, Treyton Klemetson, Isaac Habedank, Riley Resnick, Coach Dustin Flaten
Middle Row: Dawson Fox, Tate Hoseth, Marcus Gunnufson, Tanner Douville, Logan Miller, Peyton Moen
Front Row: Parker Lien, Prestin Douville, Chase Green, Andrew Amberg, Milo Winter, Zane Mickelson


Junior Varsity 2017-2018
Back Row: Chase Green, Treyton Klemetson, Peyton Moen, Parker Lien, Brady Boe, Brody Lien, Coach Dustin Flaten
Front Row: Tanner Douville, Ethan Blakeway, Gavin Jacobson, Zane Mickelson, Logan Miller, Andrew Amberg


Junior High 2017-2018
Back Row: Soren Hoekstra, Ryker Ellingworth, Nathan Juarez, Reed Klemetson, Connor Nelson, Keian Wibbels, Coach Kain Schow
Front Row: Drew Jacobson, Dawson Bjerke, Brody Begg, Kaden Braseth, Zech Juarez, Adam Eken


Varsity 2015-16