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Activity Calendar with all events taking place at the high school can be found here.
This is the Pine to Prairie Conference Calendar. All sports events, plus a number of other events are listed on this page. Schedules can be printed from this site - plus score updates. GREAT resource!!

Check out the pictures from the Norman County East Family Fair here!!
2014 Elementary Christmas Concert 1080p HDV
This is a larger version (17GB) and is in 1080p format.
2014 Elementary Christmas Concert 720p HDV
This is a smaller version (4GB) and is in 720p format.
Both are viewable in a web browser by clicking the link.
If you move your mouse near the top of the screen after selecting a link, you can select the down arrow to download a copy. 720p version is the smaller of the 2
The 720p version will take about 1 hour on a 10mbps connection to download.

Live Video Streaming!! A play button will be visible when there is a live streaming taking place.

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Norman County East Schools
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Phone: 218-584-5151 FAX: 218-584-5170

In accordance with federal law this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. To file a complaint, please contact Norman County East Supt. Mark Lundin at 218-584-5151 or write Norman County East, Supt. Mark Lundin, Box 420, Twin Valley, MN 56584. Norman County East is an equal opportunity provider and employer.